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Welcome to We Go 4 Kyo Cosplay!

We Go 4 Kyo is our costuming group consisting of three girls: Babyberry, Evali and Imriela. We have been cosplaying together since 2004, mostly in Florida and Georgia (although we do travel around a bit).

Here you can find information and pictures for each of our costumes. Please enjoy our work, and feel free to contact us!


Moving to Tumblr!

Posted by: evali on 01/26/2011 09:54 PM
Hello Everyone! I'm announcing now that we are moving the site to Tumblr. Essentially, I don't have the time to update a real website and make it fancy, and Tumblr allows for so many photos, questions from people, twitter updates, etc, that I think it will be great for our purposes. It has a really nice search engine too.

So please follow our new site: http://wg4k.tumblr.com/

Also we have a twitter @wg4k

I will be transferring all the content from this website over there and then I will likely make our url go there directly. We will also be posting our most recent photos faster on that blog, including stuff we are working such as Imriela's artwork and my cosplay articles for OtakuUSA (http://www.otakuusamagazine.com/Main/Home.aspx)

Thanks to anyone who came here and has enjoyed our costumes. We definitely are not giving up cosplay, just doing less of it as we work on new projects :)

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Con Schedule 2009

Will you see us this year? List updated as we are confirmed!

Ohayocon 2009 (OH)
Megacon 2009 (FL)
Momocon 2009 (GA)
FX Show 2009 (FL)
Florida Supercon 2009 (FL)
Metrocon 2009 (FL)
San Diego Comiccon 2009
Dragoncon 2009 (GA)
AWA 2009 (GA)

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